Lawson Gow is building a new type of co-working facility to support entrepreneurs and their growing startup companies. Today the Cannon houses 75 startups in a 20,000 square foot facility in what he calls, “the Waiting Room” while its 120,000 square foot warehouse is being built. The Cannon will ultimately comprise a 32-acre campus with an icehouse-style bar, exercise facility, luxury movie theater, conference rooms and more.

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    The tax rate cut will be proposed at the Harris County Commissioners Court meeting Sept. 29, according to the court agenda.… Baylor St. Luke's and Baylor College of Medicine have poured hundreds ...

  • BIG LIST: 5064 Tasmanian fine dodgers owe $10M

    Stacey Amanda Bessell from Maryborough in Victoria owes $25,333,31 for 131 offences and Tracy Lee Cannon from Crib Point in Tasmania owes $20,874.51 for 130 offences.

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