The What’s Your Point? panel includes Republican strategist Jessica Colon, attorney Nyanza Moore, Breitbart Texas associate editor Bob Price, Texas State Senator Paul Bettencourt, columnist and former Kemah Mayor Bill King & Chicano activist & educator Tony Diaz. Republican Congressional candidate Dan Crenshaw joins host Greg Groogan in the What’s Your Point? hot seat.

More info on What’s Your Point? for July 15, 2018

  • July 2018 - Recruiting Thread | The Key Play

    Discuss and share any Virginia Tech related recruiting topics from June 2018 [0] that don't warrant their own thread [1]. Please do some digging to share original content (e.g. embed the original tweet, not a link to another post/website with said tweet), add context / relevant information and respect the Community Guidelines.

  • Cambridge Civic Journal Forum

    Cambridge Conservation Commission Members Sought. July 24, 2018 – City Manager Louis A. DePasquale is seeking two Cambridge residents to fill vacancies on the Cambridge Conservation Commission. The Conservation Commission is responsible for administration of the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act (WPA), a state law governing activities in and immediately adjacent to local wetlands ...

  • Matrix Games - What's Your Strategy?

    What's Your Strategy? Fall of the West A Field of Glory II Tournament Tuesday, July 31, 2018. IMPORTANT NOTE: Anyone who has Field of Glory II can enter.

  • What's The Best Tent For Cycle Touring? (2018 Edition)

    A beginners' guide to choosing the best tent for cycle touring, together with an up-to-date list of tried-and-tested tents for bicycle travellers on any budget, including pictures, details (including weights), manufacturer links, and the best deals available online right now. Fully revised and updated for 2018.

  • Lakerholics.Net | Your Daily Fix of Laker Views and News

    Your Daily Fix of Laker Views and News

  • How to Get Rid of Student Loans in 2018 - Eliminate Your ...

    Forget Student Loan Debt is a FREE website that teaches visitors how to get rid of student loans, offering detailed guides covering current Student Loan Forgiveness & Discharge Programs. Whether you've got Private Loans or Federal Loans, our 2018 Guides will teach you to how to eliminate your debt!

  • Google Science Fair 2018

    We’re calling all 13-18 thinkers to share your best ideas with the world. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  • What's the Best VPN for China (that REALLY works)? [July 2018]

    VPNs can help you unblock Facebook and Google - but what's the BEST VPN for China? Our in-depth guide tests the most popular China VPNs to show what works and what doesn't.

  • Astro Bob – Celestial Happenings You Can See From Your Own ...

    Titan July’s been busy with fresh takes on familiar faces. NASA recently released some of the clearest, most detailed views of Titan, Saturn’s largest moon.

  • What's On - Errol Flynn Filmhouse, Northampton

    Film listings at the Errol Flynn Filmhouse - Northampton's newest cinema experience. Hosting the best in world, independent, British and mainstream films.

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