Caldwell Texas – The Burleson County sheriff has finally released video evidence showing a Caldwell police officer throwing an inmate while in handcuffs. In the second fall, Jackson bounces off a metal bed and appears to hit his head against a toilet.

“There is a video of Chester Jackson, Jr. having a severe mental crisis in jail, just as his mother stated,” said U.A. Lewis. “The video depicts the Caldwell police sergeant who was suspended, throwing Chester, causing him to hit his head twice.”

Lewis says the video also shows the officer, whose name has not been publicly released, refuting the claims that he threw Jackson, by stating instead he fell.

The officer was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation, according to Caldwell Police Chief Charles Barnes. The Texas Rangers are also assisting with the investigation.

Jackson, 30, of Somerville, was arrested last month on a public intoxication charge near his home by a Burleson County deputy.

After making a guilty plea, he was sentenced to a one-day stay at the county jail. During that weekend, Jackson was transported by a deputy to a hospital in Austin where he was listed in critical condition.

“It should not have taken this long for us to obtain this video. I’m also upset that there were other officers there who saw this and didn’t come forward sooner than they did,” said Lewis. “It’s absolutely troubling that they knew he was having a mental crisis, and this is how they treated him.”

The Houston-based attorney also claims important documents in the case are missing, including records of the arrest, the guilty plea and the sentenced handed down by a Justice of the Peace following Jackson’s arrest.

“It’s unheard of to take someone into custody, and have no court record,” said Lewis. “They said he pleaded. He served his one day. There should be an order to reflect that.” According to family and his lawyer, Jackson was arrested on Friday, April 19, and after serving his short sentence, he was released on Saturday. His father said he was notified of the release, but asked Jackson’s mother to pick up their son at the jail. Eddie Wilson, Jackson’s mother, said she arrived within an hour of that phone call but was greeted by two jailers who said she her son would remain detained in the jail. “They said he was a danger,” but didn’t elaborate. “They said you’re not going to be able to handle him. I asked if I could see him and they wouldn’t let me see my son,” said Wilson. On Sunday, when the family called to ask if they could pick up Jackson, they couldn’t get a straight answer from the jail staff on Jackson’s whereabouts. It was on Monday, April 22, they first learned he had been transported by a deputy to an Austin hospital and was on life support. “They resuscitated him twice. I want to know why they had to resuscitate him the first time. I need answers,” said Wilson

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