This was a passion project of mine. No budget. Just an idea, my wife and a camera.

The concept was born after seeing The Blue Trees art exhibition in Houston, Texas. I wanted to film them… but with a story.

The story- a mysterious woman has been watching us. Since the beginning of time, always there, always watching. And a test. A test we failed.

I hope to one day be able to expand on this. I think it would be a fun way to dive into some really big questions regarding our beginning and end. Until that day, a home made teaser.

Please enjoy,


Specs, credits, and the rest:

Filmed in 4K, mastered in 1080P
Camera: Red Scarlet
Software: Davinci Resolve, Adobe Premier/Audition/After Effects/The Foundrys NukeX
Mystery Woman: My lovely wife Denise Kalentzis!
Matte Painting: Igor Staritsin – (Check him out… talent to the next level)
Musical Credit: Firstcom Music
Additional Graphics/Footage: Video Blocks, Video Hive
Everything else (writen,directed, sfx, etc): PK

Filmed on location here:
-The Blue Trees I Waugh Dr. between Allen Parkway and Memorial Dr.
-La Perouse Bay I Maui, HI
-Chicago, IL
-London, UK

Find out more about the Blue Trees, Houston:

Find me here:

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