Tales of King City …is the second episode of the G Code film series. The story line will be further explained in up coming episodes. STAY TUNED !

G Code is a film series dedicated to all the homies we lost nationwide.


Ever since Federal and Local Authorities managed to take down King City’s Original Gangsters, the city has been plagued with gun violence. During the 1960s, the city experienced an alarming increase in crime. The crime waves caused a great deal of white flight. Many Businesses and homes were abandoned. Budget cuts left local authorities powerless; the city’s gangs ruled the streets. Tired of a whole decade worth of losing loved ones to senseless violence, the Gang leaders of King City got together for a truce. In order to restore and maintain peace in King City, The Original Gangsters wrote a code of conduct. They called this code the G Code. By the early 1980’s King city was prospering, most of the youth were educated, well fed and had both parents present. Block parties were thrown almost every weekend; the Original Gangsters paid for all food, drinks and music performances. Times were good. During the mid 80s the United States Government declared war on drugs. By 1985 all five of the King Cities Original Gangsters were doing life in federal prison. With no one to maintain the Code the city was destined to fall. Most block parties ended with gunfire, young children were left without fathers and most of their teenage brothers were found shot dead on street corners. There was no code in the streets and everybody was fending for himself or herself. The modern and more violent roaming the decaying street of King City either do not know or do not care about the code. Everyday is an episode in King City’s blood filled streets.

Produced & Directed by Rico King

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