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Kehinde Hassan and Taiwo Hassan also known as creative duo Christian Rich release their latest short film with accompanying Soundtrack, “Everything Looks Bigger Closer” in collaboration with Mercedes Benz, Beats By Dre, Eddy, Pantera & Company and Blur Films. The short is directed by Swedish director Axel Byrfors.

Set in Paris (France), the short dark comedy follows the rise to fame of Yinka, a Nigerian teenager, ping-pong talent, and her contender Dele. The story tells of their rivalry but also uncovers their differences in motives. Yinka’s main interest, rather than success or fame, is coming close to Dele’s pet Iguana. Along the road comes a talent scout and underground ping-pong promoter. It is with his help and the secret reporting of a local duck, that their names will be known and the Iguana ending up in the hands of the most adorning admirer.

The film is accompanied with original music by Artists and Producers Christian Rich. The soundscapes are borrowed from old Chicago House music and Berlin, Germany’s House music club Berghain. The influences of House and Techno are clear and well sorted.

More info on EVERYTHING LOOKS BIGGER CLOSER (A film by Christian Rich) Directed by Axel Byrfors

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