CohenUP! Ad Agency – Houston, TX Advertising Agency Television (TV) Commercial Spot for Lacks Furniture Fashion Show – Houston Furniture, Houston Mattresses, Houston Appliances, Houston HDTVs. CohenUP! Advertising is a Houston Advertising Agency focused on retail sales. If you are looking for a Houston Ad Agency to handle your Houston Advertising such as Video Production, Web Design, Commercial Television (TV) Spots, Radio Spots, Billboards, and Signs, visit or call us at (713) 439-1439. We are located in Houston’s The Heights at 430 Heights Boulevard, Houston, TX, 77007. Some advertising areas and markets we specialize in are Houston Flooring, Houston Furniture, Houston Auto Group, Houston Automotive, Houston Dealer Group, Houston Hyundai, Houston Lawyers, Houston Legal, Houston Home Decor, etc.

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