All That Glitters – 48 Hour Film Project – Houston, TX

Echo Pictures presents a short film about a broke college student traveling back in time to find gold.
Created for the 48 Hour Film Project (2012) for Houston, TX
“All That Glitters” was one of the top 21 finalist films for Houston.

A big THANK YOU to Katy Heritage Park in Katy, TX for letting us film on location! These historic homes are open the first weekend of every month for a free public tour.
Please check out their website:

Juny Suh as Pamela Chan
Evan King as Professor Roberts
Michael Patrick Marshall as Marse McManus
LaToya Hamer as Jasmine Alexander
Darren Hamilton as Theodore Alexander

Director, Director of Photography: Brandon Curless
Writer: Gerald Hanks
Story Consultant: Lavar Burney
Editor: Lawrence McGaffie II
Audio Tech: Shantel Lott
Script Supervisor: Nicole Blair
Production Manager: LaToya Hamer

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