4F by Veritatem (Houston 48 Hour Film Project)

This film was made by Veritatem for the 48 Hour Film Project in Houston, TX. Our team was given the following:
Genre: War/Anti-war Film
Character: Ethan Shell, Landscape Designer
Prop: Flashlight
Line of Dialogue: “What time is it?”
We had 48 hours to write, shoot, edit and score a short film.

Winner – 3rd place for Best Film
Winner – Best Acting, Jesse GrothOlson
Winner – Best Writing, Jesse GrothOlson and Blake McMahon
Winner – Best Ensemble Cast
Winner – Audience Choice (Screening B)
Winner – Funniest Closing Credits
Honorable Mention – Best Practical Effects

More info on 4F by Veritatem (Houston 48 Hour Film Project)

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