Our entry in the 2017 49 Hour Film Project (48 HFP) in Houston, TX. Filmmakers had 48 hours to write and produce a short film (5-7 mins long).

Required elements were the character Martin (or Marta) Fuse a customer service specialist, a hairbrush and the line “Let’s get this party started!” Genres were selected at random. Our Genre was Horror. It was a scramble since we’re pretty much a two man operation, but totally worth it.

Awards received:

Winner – Best Use of Line
Winner – Best Alternate Media
Honorable Mention – Best Musical Score
Honorable Mention – Best Sound Design

Written and Directed by Ruben Ybarra and Edward Ramirez
Voice Acting by Ruben Ybarra, Edward Ramirez and Cosi Ramirez
Music and Foley by Edward Ramirez

More info on 48 Hour Film Project 2017 – CGI Animated Short Film: The Legend of Shady Acres

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