I'd like to get people's opinions about green ideas especially green ideas in Houston.

What green projects have you had? What went right? What went wrong. What do you recommend?

Eric Standlee

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What green project did I start? I started a green marketing company focused on those businesses who have the same value system! Everything is right about it.

What I recommend: I recommend a simple shift in thinking to everyone. If you "train your mind to think sustainability and contribution" daily, slowly but surely your environment, your health and your world will shift. You'll notice opportunities where before you didn't think about it. You'll GET that your home, your health and your business can become green. No quantum leap is needed - just a little bit of training daily!

Just an fyi - I'm always open to suggestions and collaboration. If anyone has some thoughts, feel free to contact me directly or go to forGreen.com and post away.
Green Lily Events is an environmentally friendly event planning company. We create and design sustainable corporate and social events. With every event we provide recycling, composting, food repurposing and floral decor donation to senior centers. Our aim is to create landfill free events.

We are trendsetters in Texas for the green movement for the hospitality and event planning industry. If you have a green produce or service, please contact me at jessica@greenlilyevents.com
We invite you to check us out: www.greenlilyevents.com

Hi Eric, There is an event happening in Houston tonight that I think might interest you but I don't know how to post it here. What is your e-mail. I will need to get you an invite so take a look and if you would like to attend please let me know right away. Thanks.

Kathryn MacDougall
(514) 585-8855
I'm a member of the local chapter for US Green Building Council. There are several ways to participate [getting buildings LEED certified, people earning their LEED accreditation, advocacy (we lobbied with state representatives in Austin recently), a variety of green products and concepts, promoting environmentally sustainable practices, and volunteering on committees (I'm on LEED for Homes and LEED for Schools)]. Please look at the website - www.usgbc-houston.org for information about workshops, monthly programs, membership, and special events.

The USGBC-Houston Chapter is a cross-cultural 501-C3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the construction of eco-friendly, energy-efficient, high-performance buildings, schools and homes.The organization represents men, women, students and children from a variety of backgrounds who have joined together to change the expectations that Gulf Coast residents have of their buildings and the environment they live in.
The Greater Houston Area Chapter works with regional government agencies, businesses, and institutions to stimulate and support green building practices. The chapter is leading the way in connecting environmental stewardship and sound business practices within the local building industry. We offer educational programs to the building industry and public at large, in order to grow both local expertise and the green building market.
The chaper has many collaborations, opportunities and functions designed to educate and promote the mission of USGBC. We welcome you to learn more about them as you peruse the website and you are always invited to attend any event to learn more.
We welcome you to learn more about them as you peruse the website and you are always invited to attend any event to learn more.
Join the largest building market transformation affecting the Gulf Coast Region and the State of Texas today!
I have just planted a garden here in Houston, with appropriate watering tools and to promote self dependency as well as sustainable energy (the food chain). In the process, I have begun composting just about everything and a group of us have joined together in a plant and information exchange program.
On the transportation issue, I have started using Mass transit instead of a private vehicle and using feet power instead of horse power. Looking at a bicycle to further promote this whole concept. Reminds me of my childhood in Tennessee....
As for U-verse, well, myself and AT&T have been going round and round with the system, 17 Service techs later and many hours invested in getting the system to work right (background with Cisco Systems) I finally took it upon myself to purchase a signal booster and install it myself. Problem fixed for 4 dollars and the frustration ended...
Also a member of Repower America.

So I am coming to the party late! 
I truly believe that it is our charge to be good stewards of the earth...we only have one!

Right now here in Houston, there is a company that is launch that has a 100% green energy plan.  My husband and I do our part in recycling and teaching our children to waste not want not. If you're interested in using 100% renewable energy to power your home or business please visit  http://www.ibourl.com/ixg



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