I arrived in Houston, Texas in December 2013 from Dubai. In this video I talk about why I left the city I grew up in and how I got my start in Houston. I’ll also take you on a personal tour of the first project I ever built in Htown.

If you know anything about me, you’ll know I’m not afraid of taking chances. The year I moved here, I bought a land in Katy, TX and built a 4 acre office-warehouse business park. Through this project, I got my education on how to do business in the US, who to partner with and what product sells. I sold the business park in 2018 for a 3x return on investment. Not bad for a first dip into real estate in Texas.

I truly believe that Houston is my land of opportunity. Living here with my family, delving into 3 different real estate businesses and diving deep into becoming a part of my local community has not only changed my mindset but also given me tremendous personal rewards.
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