Turkish Airlines/Houston IAH-Istanbul IST-Brussels/Business Class/B777-300ER+A321-200/AUG14

This flight contains 2 reports
0:00 Turkish Airlines/Houston IAH-Istanbul IST/B777-300ER
29:11 Turkish Airlines/Istanbul IST-Brussels/A321-200

Flight 1 of 2 Houston IAH-Istanbul IST
4 August 2014
Turkish Airlines 0034
Departure: 20:00 – Actual: 20:02 – GMT: 01:02
Gate: D11 Runway: 15L
Arrival. 15:50 – Actual: 15:39 – GMT: 12:39
Gate: … Runway 05
Boeing 777-300ER “TC-JJS – Zigana”
Business Class: “5A”
Est flying time: 11hrs

Part 13 of my USA trip report series For the ones that have been following this series, know that this trip was thanks to United changing it’s rules in the frequent flyer program. After flying Lufthansa’s Business class into Charlotte, I needed to get back! Business class choices where very limited! I could choose between better products and the short flight out of the NYC area, or a longer flight but a lousier product. Untill I found this Turkish Airlines combination between Houston and Brussels via Istanbul. And funny enough, taxes where way lower than direct flights or those with stopovers in Germany/Switzerland/etc

Overall rating: 80%
It was great to expecience Turkish Airlines for the first time. Given that I got a brand new 777 (1 week old) made it even better. The seats where very comfortable and the catering was super! The crew was a bit indifferent but mostly good. Istanbul airport however was a huge mess. Houston was better! But I really hope United relooks their club in Houston… or if not Turkish considers another lounge here.

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Flight 2 of 2 Istanbul to Brussels

5 August 2014
Turkish Airlines 1941
Departure: 19:01 -Actual: 19:35 – GMT: 16:35
Gate: 301 Runway: 35
Arrival. 21:35 – Actual: 21:55 – GMT: 19:55
Gate: B4 Runway 25L
Airbus A321-200 TC-JRI
Business Cabin: 03F
Est flying time: 2hrs35mins

Welcome to Part 14 and my final part of my USA 2014 trip! This part concludes the continuation from my Turkish Airlines flight from Istanbul to Brussels! When I booked this flight it was a 320, later it changed to a B737-800 and thereafter the Airbus A321

Overall verdict: 69%
In contrast to my Houston to Istanbul flight this flight was rather Average, to start off with the airport is way to crowded and was not ment to handle this much traffic! Thankfully I had the lounge that I could rest in for a few minutes. We had one of the older Airbus A321s which was clearly showing it’s age! Crew and catering where ok, but a far cry from my 777 flight! In overall I’m a bit mixed about Turkish. while my first flight was super my flight to Brussels was average to say at the most. Turkish should really work on delivering a consistant product

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