TRIP REPORT | UNITED | Airbus A319 | Mexico City – Houston | Business Class | Full Flight

United Airlines Flight UA1025 from Mexico City, MX to Houston, TX.

This trip reports includes, a tour of the United Club, tour of the Mexico City Airport Terminal and full flight from MEX – IAH.

Time codes for different parts of the report are below.

Thoughts about United Airlines and Mexico City Airport.

The club in Mexico City is hard to find, there is only one small sigh on the hall/stairway to the club. Which is located off the main hall way in the terminal. The club itself is small, but a good club/lounge and has better food, hot and cold, than the clubs at the Houston Airport.

The Mexico City Airport, I am really glad they are building a new airport. They are in need of an upgrade/update now. It will be ashame if they cancel the building of it now that it has started.

The is a view of the new airport on takeoff in the report.

The current airport very sterile, not that many windows and those that you can find have bar/slats on them which makes it for a really bad view outside. The ceilings are low and there is not really natural light coming inside the airport. It is an over crowed and space is limited inside the terminals due to it operating at 50% above what it was designed to operate.

The in-fight service for United was above what you’d have come to expect. It was really good service in Business Class. On the A319 there is only 8 business class seats, one should expect really good service. The flight attendants seem to really enjoy their job.

The flight was a very nice flight with great weather and cloud surfing.

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✈ Airline: United Airlines
✈ Aircraft: Airbus A319-131 (N821UA)
✈ Aircraft Delivery: Dec. 1998
✈ Seat: 2A
✈ Route: Mexico City (MEX) – Houston (IAH)
✈ Class: Business Class
✈ Flight Number: UA 1025
✈ Date: 30th April 2018
✈ Flight Time: One Hour, thirty-eight

Time Codes:

✈ 00:00:18 United Club Tour
✈ 00:02:28 Heading to the Gate Terminal Tour
✈ 00:10:00 Duty Free Area
✈ 00:14:19 Resistance is Futile
✈ 00:14:36 Tour of Departure Terminal
✈ 00:18:39 Boarding Flight UA1025
✈ 00:21:09 Seat, Seat Pocket and Power
✈ 00:23:42 Flight Announcement
✈ 00:45:42 Jet Bridge Moving
✈ 00:50:18 Safety Briefing
✈ 00:54:37 Push Back
✈ 00:56:22 Taxi to Runway 5L
✈ 01:06:49 Look Up!
✈ 01:08:40 Taxi into Position and Takeoff Rolling
✈ 01:11:24 New Airport Construction View
✈ 01:19:45 Cruise Flight
✈ 01:30:32 InFlight Service Started (Very Good)
✈ 01:31:57 OPPS!
✈ 01:55:30 Lunch Service
✈ 02:11:27 Inflight Information
✈ 02:32:30 Descent for IAH
✈ 02:43:10 Approach and Landing
✈ 02:48:56 DOH!
✈ 02:49:47 A Long wait for the Gate
✈ 02:51:06 Ground Traffic (Plane Spotting)
✈ 03:04:34 Finally Moving
✈ 03:07:23 Disembarking the Flight
✈ 03:08:05 Long Walk to Customs
✈ 03:09:35 Baggage Claim

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