TRIP REPORT | UNITED | A320 | Houston – Mexico City (IAH-MEX) | Business Class | Full Flight

United Airlines Flight UA 1088 from Houston, Tx to Mexico City, MX.
Walk from Terminal B (arrival) to Terminal E. Tour of United Lounge Terminal E, Plane Spotting. Video Time codes below.

Includes the full flight from Boarding Houston, TX to Deplaning in Mexico City, Mexico.

Thoughts about the service of United.

The flight was excellent and on board server above what you think. I am impressed with United Business Class. The United Club, leaves a little bit to be desired. It was BOE, which worked good, just connect to WiFi and watch movies and TV shows.

The Club is nice but has limited amount of food selections (nothing hot), for either breakfast or lunch, in one of the main clubs at a main hub. But the Coffee is GREAT!

The Houston, IAH airport is always nice.

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✈ Airline: United
✈ Aircraft: Airbus A320-232 (N468UA)
✈ Aircraft Delivery: Nov. 2000
✈ Seat: 2A
✈ Route: Houston (IAH) – Mexico City (MEX)
✈ Class: Business Class
✈ Flight Number: UA 1088
✈ Date: 27th April 2018
✈ Flight Time: One Hour, Fifty-two

Time Codes:

✈ 00:00:35 Walk from Terminal B to E
✈ 00:02:47 Train Ride to Terminal E (Great Sunrise)
✈ 00:06:12 Terminal E Tram Station
✈ 00:07:49 Flight Board
✈ 00:08:10 Terminal E Tour
✈ 00:16:42 United Club Tour
✈ 00:19:09 Plane Spotting
✈ 00:31:48 Heading to the Gate for Departure
✈ 00:33:36 Boarding Flight UA1088
✈ 00:43:18 Safety Briefing (Opps missing the start)
✈ 00:45:19 Taxi to the Runway 33L for Takeoff
✈ 00:54:45 Cathay Pacific 747-800
✈ 01:03:00 Takeoff for Mexico City
✈ 01:07:04 Nice view of IAH
✈ 01:27:32 Start of InFlight Service
✈ 01:29:20 Tray Table and Seat Back
✈ 01:37:22 Meal Service (Very Good)
✈ 01:55:26 World’s Smallest Lavatory
✈ 02:04:27 Immigration Announcement
✈ 02:26:05 Descent for Mexico City
✈ 02:28:04 Cloud Surfing
✈ 02:34:48 Approach and Landing
✈ 02:39:33 Taxi to the Gate
✈ 02:41:23 Aircraft Takeoff (Nice View)
✈ 02:46:58 Disembarking

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