Traditionally Metal Braces are an excellent way to get straight teeth but they come with some discomfort and soreness when you first get them to put on. Your body is just getting used to these strange, new pieces of metal in your mouth, and you likely feel a bit sore at first.

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At U sparkle we understand the hardest part of getting new braces can be enduring the first week. Eating can be difficult in the beginning and we'd like to help ease the pain with suggesting some of the top ten easiest foods to eat after getting new braces. Yogurt, soup, ice cream, bananas are just a few of the foods that are said to be super easy to eat during the first week when your mouth is still sore and getting use to having new braces.

The most import thing to remember when getting new braces is that the soreness and discomfort will go away and eating will become easier. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.

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  • Metal Braces Houston (713) 800-4200 10 best foods for new braces

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